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Dr. David Bartlett

Based out of the Hillman Cancer Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Dr. David Bartlett is an accomplished surgeon and professor of surgery with extensive experience in surgical oncology and treating peritoneal mesothelioma. Bartlett is currently one of the nation's foremost surgeons specializing in oncology and minimally invasive surgeries. His main focus is treating mesothelioma tumors and cancerous tissues in the abdominal wall and chest region. Bartlett has thus earned respect from his peers and from mesothelioma patients for his innovative and highly successful treatment methods.

Now Chief of Surgical Oncology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and Director of Multidisciplinary Disease Research and Clinical Programs at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, Bartlett graduated from Rice University in Texas before studying medicine at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston. During his training, Bartlett received the prestigious Sansoz Award for excellence among students of surgery. Today, Bartlett is a board-certified surgeon and highly respected mesothelioma specialist. Bartlett completed his residency at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia before participating in a fellowship at the renowned Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. In the mid-1990s, Bartlett served as a special expert and senior investigator with the National Cancer Institute. Bartlett left the institute in 2001, when he was became an associate Professor and chief of Surgical Oncology at the University of Pittsburgh. He is also a distinguished professor of surgery.

In addition to being a board-certified surgical oncologist, Bartlett is also a member of the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons, the Society of Gene Therapy, the American Medical Association (AMA), and the Society of Peritoneal Surface Malignancies as well as several other professional organizations. Known as an excellent surgeon and oncologist, Bartlett has developed successful treatment plans, including options designed for patients who have tried chemotherapy before without success.

Professional Accomplishments

During his career, Bartlett pioneered new chemotherapy administration techniques known as regional perfusion. In this process, potent chemotherapy drugs are injected into the blood vessels that supply mesothelioma tumors. By placing the agents directly into the peritoneal cavity, Bartlett has helped treat patients with localized tumors and malignancies. Using these techniques, Bartlett has successful assisted patients with peritoneal mesothelioma as well as patients who have not responded to traditional treatments. Currently, Bartlett is working on innovative gene therapy treatments, including one testing the efficacy of a vaccine made with the smallpox virus.

Using innovative treatment methods and his own regional perfusion techniques, Bartlett has helped patients in Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region achieve survival rates that far exceeded original estimates. Bartlett performs services at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and has affiliations with several regional hospitals. For more details, sign up for a complimentary mesothelioma information kit packed with information about medical treatment centers, treatment options and clinical trials.

Last Edited: Sun July 26, 2020