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Mesothelioma Compensation

Starting in the 1940s, thousands of workers in the manufacturing and building industries were exposed to asbestos while on the job and later developed mesothelioma. This includes workers at locations such as shipyards, textile plants, construction sites, and steel mills. Because many companies chose to continue using asbestos after it was declared toxic, many mesothelioma patients today are receiving financial compensation. Mesothelioma compensation can differ based on the details of your case, the party involved, and any applicable laws in your area.

Mesothelioma Trust Fund

The sheer number of asbestos-related lawsuits led a number of businesses to establish trust funds, which set aside a certain amount of money to cover mesothelioma compensation. Some of these companies are Johns-Manville Corporation, General Motors Corporation, and Western MacArthur. To access compensation from such a trust fund, you will have to prove that you worked for the business in question. Your financial compensation will then be determined based on the extent of your suffering, your lost wages, your medical expenses, and how the disease has affected your family.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

It is possible that you were exposed to asbestos in a location other than your place of employment. If asbestos-filled materials were stored at your home, then you could have been unknowingly inhaling asbestos fibers for years. Unfortunately, your condition would probably not qualify you for trust fund compensation. However, you can file a personal injury lawsuit against the manufacturer of the materials and recover losses that way.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit

If you have a family member who recently succumbed to mesothelioma, you may be eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit. This kind of lawsuit takes a number of factors into account when determining how much compensation is due to a victim's family. Courts will look at the deceased individual's lost income, the services he or she provided, the cost of the person's medical care, and even factors such as lost companionship and comfort.


Determining Your Compensation

To figure out your form of financial compensation for mesothelioma, it is absolutely crucial to first determine who is at fault. With a good attorney, you may receive compensation without even having to set foot in a courtroom. If you have been affected by mesothelioma, contact us today, and we will put you in touch with an attorney who can help you determine what you are owed.

Last Edited: Sun July 26, 2020