Mesothelioma And Veterans
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VA Hospitals

Veterans Assistance (VA) hospitals are a viable source of care for anyone who has served in the American armed forces, including the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, and Air Force. While these hospitals were once in the bottom tier of American health care thanks to underfunding, they have greatly improved their care standards and now offer a wide range of surgical and outpatient services.

In addition, many VA treatment hospitals are on the cutting edge of treating malignant mesothelioma, which strikes veterans at a far higher rate than the general population. This is because veterans were regularly exposed to asbestos fibers, which were often found in shipyards and military facilities of the World War II era.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has more 1,400 VA hospitals spread across the country, each of which offers a unique treatment focus. According to Dr. Abraham Lebenthal, a Boston surgeon in the VA system, VA treatment hospitals can often be better than privately-run facilities because they have a greater number of checks and balances to ensure that a unified standard of care is delivered. For this reason, it is important for veterans to understand that they have a number of choices when it comes to treating their mesothelioma, starting with their choice of hospitals.

Top VA Healthcare Systems

One of the most high-profile mesothelioma VA treatment hospitals in the country is the VA Boston Healthcare System. This facility is located near the International Mesothelioma Program and specializes in the care of mesothelioma patients as well as developing new treatment methods. Lebenthal is located there, and his work, along with other specialists in the three-campus, six-community system, has helped to make this facility one of the frontrunners in the country. This VA treatment hospital is also a national Research and Development Center.

The VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System is also known for its work in combating mesothelioma, thanks in part to the efforts of Dr. Robert Cameron, the director of UCLA's Comprehensive Mesothelioma Program. Cameron is a pioneer in the mesothelioma treatment field and was one of the first to use a form of lung-sparring surgery. This technique both effectively removes a mesothelioma source and leaves patients with a greater chance of recovery. The LA system is the largest and the most complex in the entire VA department, serving more than 1.4 million veterans.

Overall, VA treatment hospitals are now being looked to nationally and internationally as centers for learning and research when it comes to fighting mesothelioma. With outstanding facilities such as those in Boston and Los Angeles, along with centers in Miami, Houston, and Atlanta, veterans who have been affected by mesothelioma have a wide variety of choices concerning their treatment options. To learn more about VA treatment hospitals and the facilities located in your area, complete the form below.

Last Edited: Sun July 26, 2020